Apartments for sale in Istanbul near the Sea of Marmara 4+2

  • ₺3,894,000
  • ₺4,263,000
Avcılar, Istanbul, Marmara Region, Turkey

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رقم العقار: HZ104
  • Compound
  • نوع العقار
  • 4+2
  • غرف
  • 2
  • حمامات
  • 342


Project specifications

The project is located in Avcılar, in one of the most vital areas of European Istanbul.
The project is surrounded by charming landscapes, stunning green spaces, and a wonderful sea view.
2 minutes from Main Street 5 –E.
The project is 17 minutes away from the TEM international road.
8 minutes separate the project from the metrobüs station.
Istanbul Water Canal, within walking distance from the project.
50 minutes from Istanbul New Airport.
Istanbul University is only ten minutes walk away.
International schools that provide education in the Arabic language in areas close to the project, such as Al-Nahda International Schools in Istanbul.
Avcılar Hospital is 5 minutes away from the project.

Detailed information about the project

70% of the project’s land is dedicated to green spaces, water bodies, and children’s playgrounds.
The project consists of 2 residential blocks.
Each building has 8 floors.
The number of apartments in the project is 130 apartments.
Number of shops: 14 shops.
Types of apartments: 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1.

Information about the project

Avcılar Istanbul is distinguished by its location close to vital areas, and moderate real estate prices in it, especially as the studied investment is within the new real estate that correspond to the specific construction conditions for this area; It could provide a suitable investment environment.

In addition, the presence of the project on the corridor of the new Istanbul Water Canal project, will provide real estate in all its forms in the project in particular, and real estate throughout the region, a great investment opportunity. Therefore, there is a great demand from investors and businessmen to invest and buy real estate in this region.
Report on the project area

The population of Avcılar district in Istanbul is about 448,882 people, and with the large number of residential complexes and investment opportunities, this number can be expected to increase in this region, due to the high turnout witnessed by the region from investors and those who want to own.

The number of males reached 225,530 persons, representing 50.24% of the population, while the number of women reached approximately 223,352 women, or 49.76% of the total population.
The demographics of the area:

In the demographics of Avcılar region, people between the ages of 20 and 40 years constitute the largest percentage in this region, at a rate of 34.91%, while people who are under twenty years of age come in second place with a rate of 36.23%, and the percentage of people who are of old age in Last place, as their percentage. 11.97% of the total population.
Civil status of the region:

The percentage of married people in Avcilar region reached 44.49% of the general percentage, which shows the civil status of the region, and thus it occupies the largest percentage, while the percentage of single people comes 20.72%, and the percentage of other divorced and widowed persons is the weakest rate, at a rate of approximately 8%.
Educational status of the district:

We will clarify the educational status of Avcılar through the following numbers:

Students at the primary level are 81,702 students.
Students in the middle school are 45,490 students.
Students at the secondary level are 89,503 students.
Undergraduate students are 57,359 students.
The postgraduate students are 8,058 students.

Real estate in the area:

Home for sale prices increased by 3.2% in the last month in Avcılar’s housing market. While the average price per square meter in Avcılar is 3,234 TL, the return period is counted as 16 years.

Accordingly, in the real estate index for 2020 and the regional report, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Avcılar area was between 242.542 TL and 404.200 TL.


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  • رقم العقار: HZ104
  • السعر: ₺3,894,000
  • حجم العقار: 342
  • غرف: 4+2
  • حمامات: 2
  • نوع العقار: Compound
  • حالة الملكية: Ready

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  • المدينة Istanbul
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